Linda Chung and Philip Ng break up: Here's her rumoured new man

12 April 2015 / 1 year 6 months ago

Source: Asian E- News Portal

Recently, it was rumoured that Linda Chung ended her 8 years relationship with Philip Ng.

Yesterday, an insider exposed that her rumoured boyfriend, Ruco Chan was actually the reason behind their break-up.

The insider disclosed that on Instagram, Ruco uploaded photo of the hands holding tightly together and his message was related to a sense of belonging, security and happiness which emphasized they wanted to be together and finally ended up together in February, which happened to coincide with the timing when Linda ended her relationship with Philip.

The insider felt that Ruco was trying to express some messages through the photo.

Also, Ruco and Linda went to attend performance together in New Zealand and celebrated their 'reunion' in the plane

Yesterday, the reporter from The Sun contacted them and they were in New Zealand currently.

Ruco and Linda were the main guests of the 2015 International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship

Ruco rejected to reply through SMS while no reply from Linda, and it was estimated they will return to Hong Kong next week

Some netizens took photos of them shopping in the local supermarket and Linda uploaded their photo, and expressed her appreciation to the crew staff for bringing them to the supermarket

In addition, Super Girls member, Heidi revealed that she started to learn martial arts from Philip Ng lately and dared not ask him about his relationship, and did not see Linda visited him until now.

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