Lin Xia Wei insists sharper chin and nose is due to 'new makeup'

14 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Rumours surrounding Lin Xiawei's changed appearance suggest she had plastic surgery to make her chin and nose sharper.Xiawei replaced Aimee Chan in Cold Mountain, Hidden Dragon as one of the leads. Looking more beautiful recently with a much sharper chin and nose, speculations rose that she had gone under the knife.While recording for the variety program Big Fun Hong Kong Free D  last week, reporters spotted Xiawei and asked her about the changes to her face. When asked if she has done plastic surgery, Xiawei replied that she has just changed her makeup artist and now uses a new method to improve her features. Apart from that, she said she has lost some weight due to the shooting of the new marital arts drama. She denied receiving plastic surgery.Asked if she is afraid that people said she used the same surgeon as her cousin, Raymond Lam (林峯), she stressed that all along her chin has been sharp, in fact she hopes her chin to be slightly rounder and feels that at the moment, she does not need anything to be done. She does not mind if people said she has done enhancements to her face, and feels happy that people think she is prettier.Pics 1-10 show Lin Xia Wei, while the rest are of other stars rumoured to have had plastic surgery.

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