Lin Chiling's goddess image shattered -- thanks to this unstylish outfit

17 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

Few days ago, Taiwanese goddess Lin Chi Ling attended a Mainland event, sporting a fake bob with a short-length qipao and also a pair of red stockings, reported Asian E-News Portal.

Her fashion was completely unstylish.

Even when Chi Ling posed seductively, it was still impossible to make up for the motherly taste brought along by her mismatched outfit.

When she walked up the stairs, she even accidentally revealed her laced leggings.

At the event, rumors regarding her discord with Dee Hsu were brought up and Chi Ling replied unexpectedly: "When there are situations with her in it, I would hide at a corner and not speak."

Whether she was joking or not, we do not know.

In addition, there were many photos of Chi Ling in a red dress exposing her long legs attending an event circulating online.

But her long legs appeared to have turned into elephant legs.

Chi Ling's legs mysteriously became more robust, her goddess image becomes disillusioned causing people to question "Where did her beautiful legs go?"

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