Lin Chiling dresses like a student to attract Andy Lau

17 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Lin Chiling and Andy Lau Tak Wa spoke to Cable's Film Montage. She said that in SWITCH she had a variety of costumes to attract Lau Tak Wa's attention, which was close to her view on love. "If I run into a man who I love very much, I would spare nothing to win him over." Her student look in the film was her favorite, as it enabled her to relive her youth.Lau Tak Wa said that the two lead actresses had their own specialties. "Lin Chiling is a good student who is very obedient; Zhang Jingchu is the academic type, everything has to be very clear. On the set she keeps on asking why." He even shared his view on "Even the strongest warrior can be seduced by a beautiful woman. This is something that never changes. This film is very strange. When lead actresses fight they wear so little."

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