Lin Chi-ling posts happy photo online -- but here's what concerned netizens are worried about

2 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

One week ago on the Internet, Lin Chi-ling shared a photo of a dinner gathering with a group of good friends and left an emotional message:

"A gathering with my lovable assistants, Gaby and Jewel. We crossed barriers and grew up together. 

"I am as happy as a sister after seeing your successful career achievements." 

In the photo, they were smiling happily and Chi-ling can have a happy life despite no boyfriend yet

According to Asian E-News Portal however, people have pointed out that Lin Chi-ling's love life had been uneventful for many years.

Some have already considered her to be 'left on the shelf'.

The gorgeous celebrity is 40 this year.

Take a look at more images of Lin Chi-ling in the gallery below. 

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