Lin Chi-ling asks fans to 'marry her'

14 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Taiwanese celebrity Lin Chi-ling has spared no efforts to promote her latest movie, 101 Marriage Proposals .21CN reported that the gorgeous model had posted a photo of herself holding a huge lollipop with the words, "Marry Me" on her Weibo account on Tuesday.Accompanying the photo was the caption: "It is today! Can I marry you?"With Chi-ling recently declaring herself single after her break-up with Qiu Shi Kai, fans clamoured for her to get back together with Jerry Yan, with one of them asking if they should "forward this to Jerry Yan?".The scenario of the two getting back together may not be Mission Impossible since Chi-ling had once said that she would go up to the person she liked and profess her love to him -- if she comes across that special someone.When asked about the qualities she looks out for in her other half, Chi-ling replied: "In the past, I would have specific requirements like he had to be motivated and had to be filial.For now, I will say that as long as he moves me. I suddenly realise it’s so hard for a person to move me. Moving a person means you will like this person and his personality. You will also like spending time together and like the feeling of falling in love. I will not ask for other things. I only wish to be moved!"

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