Lin Chi-ling admits tearfully that Jerry Yan is 'a very important person'

30 January 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

At A Mayday concert in December, Jerry Yan surprised everyone when he dedicated a love song to 'an important person in his heart'. Speculations arose if he was professing his love to rumoured ex-girlfriend, Lin Chi-ling.At a public event, the Taiwanese model was asked if she knew Jerry cried while singing the song. She said: “Is it true? I will go back and watch the playback. Thank you for informing me."Asked if Jerry’s love dedication was a sweet gesture, Chi-ling replied: “Yes, it is very sweet. But I am not sure who he is singing for.‘ When asked how she would feel if Jerry sang for her, Chi-ling said: “I will be very touched, very touched."Appledaily reported that Chi-ling was also asked if Jerry was an important person to her. The 38-year-old model lowered her head and replied with teary eyes: “He is a very important person‘.Earlier, Jerry sent his blessings when he heard Chi-ling longed to get married and have children of her own. Responding to Jerry’s well-wishes, Chi-ling said: "Thank you for his blessings and your (media) anticipation. I hope I won’t let all of you down every year."

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