Lily Ho announces breakup with BF but couple still hides dark secret

28 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

Lily Ho's relationship with Hinson Chou was exposed after the pair was caught kissing in a car and a furniture store.

However, the couple suddenly announced their breakup after 14 days of dating, with no explanation given.

Hong Kong tabloids revealed that Lily and Hinson has in fact brought their relationship underground to keep away from the public eye.

According to Asian Pop News, the couple was seen together at Myeongdong in Seoul two days ago.

Hinson was first spotted with a guy friend. Shortly after, Lily appeared.

Fearing that she could be recognised, Lily put on a hat immediately.

Hinson and Lily reportedly were behaving intimately on the streets and Hinson was seen wrapping his arms around Lily’s waist.

When a reporter called Hinson to confirm on the relationship, he was shocked and replied, “I am working now!”

Asked if he was currently in Korea, Hinson said, “What? No! I am working now. We will talk later.”

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