Lily Ho and Hinson Chau announces breakup -- just after 14 days of dating

13 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

Lily Ho has announced that she has broken up with boyfriend, Hinson Chau, just after 14 days of dating, reported Chinese media online. 

According to Asian Pop News, the pair was spotted having an intimate moment at a furniture store just days ago. 

The report also added that when Hinson was contacted regarding the breakup, it seemed that he was not aware of it. He immediately put down the phone to seek clarification. 

After, he confirmed the breakup and said it was their intention all along to split up. He added they are still friends and declined to name any reasons. He also said it was not due to the kissing photos taken at the furniture store which were published. 

Lily Ho, however, apparently alluded the breakup due to the photos being published, and said she is not ready to move on from the relationship yet. 

She said that as an artiste, she should be more aware of her behaviour in public. The kissing photos led her to be reprimanded by her parents. 

She said she should learn how to protect herself, and not let others protect her. She also confirmed that the breakup was not due to pressure from her company. Lily said they are colleagues so they will be bumping into each other. 

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