Lesson not learnt: Chapman To lectured by Joey Yung again

8 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

Joey Yung Choi Yi has always had a rather high emotional quotient.

Earlier, she had suddenly struck back after Chapman To Man Chak's Best Actress comment about her. It was rumoured that this caused differences between them overnight.

Yesterday, a magazine claimed that Joey and Chapman had built up grudges during the film production of DIVA, reports Hktopten.

Chapman, who often made fun of others, joked that Joey's toes resembled chicken feet. However, the fatal point was about Joey and Wilfred Lau Ho Lung's romance as he said Joey ended up with garbage. 

Seeing how Chapman hardly ever watched his mouth, Joey took the chance to discipline him as an elder for his own good, and to prevent him from getting into more trouble with his mouth.

Chapman immediately apologized twice to Joey. Yesterday while promoting the success of his film NAKED AMBITION 3D (3D HO CHING) on facebook, he also did not forget to quote Joey's to prove that he remembered his elder's discipline.

"The relationship between gentlemen is light as water, the love of viewers is heavy as wine. Thank you everyone for your support. Everyone has already gotten me drunk!"

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