Leon Lai kept his father's death a secret

11 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

It was revealed that Leon Lai’s (黎明) 78-year-old father, Lai San Sang (黎新生), had passed away in June 2013 due to a heart attack.

After dealing with a painful divorce in 2012 from Gaile Lok (樂基兒), Leon was again faced with grief when his father died last year, reports Popular Asians.

Leon chose to mourn his father in private and handled the funeral in a low profile manner.

In late June 2013, Leon performed as a guest at Mark Lui’s (雷頌德) Hong Kong Coliseum concert. Leon showed his professionalism and performed well.

His colleagues were not even aware at the time that Leon was still mourning for the loss of a close family member.

According to reports, Leon’s father was Chinese Indonesian with ancestry from Mei County, Guangdong.

He went to college in Beijing, where he met Leon’s mother. Soon after giving birth to Leon in a modest hutong in Beijing, the family moved to Hong Kong for new work opportunities.

When Leon turned a year old, his parents separated and filed for divorce.

After the divorce, Leon’s mother left the country, leaving his father to care for Leon himself.

Leon’s father had no choice but to move back to Beijing, where his family resided. When Leon turned four years old, he returned to Hong Kong with his father.

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