Leon Lai doesn't mind being tenth choice for role in Fan Bingbing film

29 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

Leon Lai Ming attended an UNICEF fund raising event press conference yesterday.

Lai Ming has been donating steadily to the charitable cause both in terms of money and time.

Supposedly he took over for John Lone to star with Fan Bingbing in the film YANG GUIFEI, which halted production when its Korean director quit.

He will play Emperor Ming of Tang. Lai Ming admitted that he has taken the role and earlier has already attended costume fitting.

He will head to China for three months for the production within days.

The shoot location will shoot from hot to cold and from cold to hot again. As for his role and whether there was any script change, he said, "The production team didn't tell me to say anything, I am not at liberty to talk about it. Everyone should ask the production, if the script is good I take it. (Is the character very attractive?)

The script is good. If just my character is good it is useless, it would be like a beauty pageant of one, a solo show."

Asked if he knew that the character was originally John Lone's, Lai Ming said that he has aware.

Did he mind being accused of being the second choice? He said, "Even if I am the tenth choice I wouldn't care, I don't mind! I never think like this, life has many choices. I can choose you, you can choose me. As for why the film was stopped, broken up and repackaged, you have to ask the film company. It's not for me to say."

Was it no longer directed by a Korean director? He said no, now it is a Chinese director.

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