Leggy Sharon Chan refuses to expose assets unnecessarily for new drama

25 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Although 34-year-old Sharon Chan is best known for her pair of 43-inch legs, she is happy to admit she did not need to show any leg in TVB’s latest TV drama Awfully Lawful.“After so many years, I really want my roles to have a change,‘ said Sharon, who plays law intern Kay in the drama. “I really don’t want to be that pretty girl with the long legs all the time. I don’t want to be typecast. I don’t even dress like that in a daily basis," reports Oriental Daily."When I was shooting the drama, I told the producer that I would only expose my legs if it was necessary. Throughout the series, I only wore long pants. I want to give the audience a different feeling.‘In the legal comedy, Sharon will also be portraying a single mother, her first take at portraying a motherly role in her acting career. “It’s my first time playing a mother, but I really don’t mind. I am older now, and if you consider my real age, I am already qualified to be a mother.‘Related stories:Sammy Leung reveals how Sharon Chan threatened his 'manhood' Louis Yuen hopes to kiss Sharon Chan in every HK districtLeggy Sharon Chan says she wants a man, not a boy

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