Lee Young Ae returns to TV screen with documentary program

11 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

[by Cho Suyoun] SBS’s documentary program revealed Lee Young Ae’s elegant yet easygoing appearances in Florence, Italy.

In 9 years, Lee Young Ae returned to TV screen through a documentary program. This time, she did not appear as an actress, but as a mother of her twin children and an ordinary wife of her husband.

The program was titled as ‘Lee Young Ae’s Dinner’ as she prepared a big Korean banquet in Florence, Italy and fine dinner for her family.

The reason why she flew to Florence was that Italian brand GUCCI and Lee Young Ae collaborated a banquet for some public figures. According to GUCCI, the brand has sponsored the world’s cultural heritages as the brand pursues to value history, culture and tradition. Among all Italian cities, Korean dishes are very rare in Florence so the brand and Lee Young Ae decided to prepare a dinner at GUCCI’s museum in the local area.

In another episode, the program followed Lee Young Ae doing grocery shopping at a local marketplace. The actress was comparing products for cheaper price and searched for better ingredients for her foods like any ordinary woman.

As Lee Young Ae made a successful return to TV screen through food documentary, many fans are now waiting to see her more often. (photo captured from SBS ‘Lee Young Ae’s Dinner’)

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