Lee Yeon-hee called 'rude and aloof' because she didn't greet audience

13 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

A video posted online to promote the upcoming MBC drama “Medical Novel‘ backfired on actress Lee Yeon-hee, one of the main role players.Lee was condemned for her aloof behavior at a script reading for the new drama, reported OhKpop.In a video of the first script reading on March 1 released recently on the broadcaster MBC’s official Web site, Lee did not greet other fellow actors and actresses when they introduced themselves to others and bowed.She did not try to clap her hands as others did but sat tight and read the script. Netizens have posted online that Lee’s behavior was noticeable and rude, as much experienced and older actors, actresses and staff all greeted one another.However, officials with the broadcaster expressed their bewilderment on the comments online, according to the local media reports.“Before reading, Lee was greeting other fellow actors and actresses and talked to them‘, said an official.The official said that Lee had a lot of lines for that reading. She focused more on the script and just gave a nod to others when they introduced themselves.View screenshots of the video in the gallery below as well as other photos of the Korean actress.

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