Lee Hyori's latest announcement leaves fans feeling sad

7 October 2014 / 2 years 2 weeks ago

Lee Hyori announced on October 6 that she plans on closing down her popular blog.

According to allkpop, she wrote:  "Everyone, the weather in the morning and night is cold, so I think you should pay exceptional care to your health.

"The writing in today's post is nothing, but I have the intention of doing one more year of blogging, so I am writing this post to let everybody know.

"I don't have any particular reason; rather, after showing spring, summer, autumn, and winter on Jeju Island, there will honestly be a lot of overlaps, and if there is a set time limit, I think I'd be able to converse a bit more preciously with everybody and this place.  

"Instead of suddenly closing [the blog] after a year, I thought it would be better to tell everybody beforehand and for us to spend preciously the remaining time together, which is how I came to write this.

"I don't know if I'm going to close this blog and start another one or not, but this blog, through which I got to share with everybody my first year on Jeju Island, will be the most precious.

"In return, I want to communicate with everybody through better postings in the remaining time.  Doesn't everything feel more precious when there is a set time?

"From hereon, in the remaining time, I hope you find my blog more endearing; likewise, I will look carefully at everybody's comments and sympathies one by one and pile them in my heart.  It's already 11 PM.  Everyone, have a comfortable night."

Shortly after opening her blog back in May, it quickly became one of the most popular blogs in Korea and received a lot of traffic.

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