Lee Hyori gives birth to 'bad girl' in new K-pop MV

6 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Source: The New Paper2:49: Rebellious girls like Lee, in her black hoodie, turn the classroom into a wild, raucous mess.3:56: The video culminates in a police-and-thief chase down the streets, which sees Lee escaping in her pink car.0:58: Naughtiness is in the genes. Young Lee, who grows up to be a criminal, deliberately pulls her hapless dad's chair away.0:14: Bad Girls grabs you by the shoulders right from its opening scene, with a heavily pregnant, grimacing Lee lying spreadeagled on the surgical table. How often do you get to see something like that in a music video?When it comes to playing the hair-tossing, havoc-wreaking bad girl, there's just no age limit.K-pop's grand dame Lee Hyori, 34, who kickstarted her career in the late 90s as a member of now-defunct girl group Fin.K.L, is back with what US celebrity website Popdust calls "possibly the best K-pop music video of the year".Not only has the empowering, retro-flavoured anthem beaten the likes of 2PM and B1A4 on the South Korean charts, it has chalked up nearly 1.7 million views on YouTube since its release two weeks ago.Styled like a colourful comic strip complete with wacky thought bubbles, the video sees Lee taking on three different roles in a woman's lifetime: a mother who gives birth and dies during labour, a, glamorous stepmum to an orphaned girl, and the edgy, law-breaking rock chick the girl grows up to be.Campy and over the top, Bad Girls is also not without controversy.One particular scene which showed a male teacher sexually harassing his female students in class resulted in the video being banned on Korea's KBS television station.All in all, it is great to see Lee still pushing the envelope, despite her veteran diva status in the industry.Check out screenshots of the video in the gallery below, as well as other pics of Lee Hyori.

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