Lee Hyori confesses that she saw Rain naked at a tanning salon

27 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

On December 26, a new episode of Mnet's 'Rain Effect' aired, featuring footage taken of Rain and Lee Hyori backstage at the 2013 MAMA held on November 22.

According to an article in Allkpop, as Rain and Lee Hyori were always known to be close friends, they relayed an interesting story about a time they had a conversation together while both were naked in the tanning salon.

Lee Hyori said, "I have a lot to say to Rain . . . First, I should say everything about the time I saw your naked body in the tanning salon."

Rain replied, "That was really funny.  I went to the tanning salon and I heard Lee Hyori say from the next room, 'Is that Ji Hoon (Rain's real name)?'"

Lee Hyori continued, "We conversed while we were both naked.  We did not see each other.  We talked with a wall between us, but thinking of the fact that he was next to me made me have weird imaginations.  You know."

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