Lee Hyori addresses rumour of whether she slept with Rain

14 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

Lee Hyori finally put to rest the past rumor about herself and Rain on the latest episode of 'Magic Eye', reports allkpop.

Those acquainted with the Kpop scene for a long time may have heard of these rumors which suggested that Rain had blurted out that he slept with Lee Hyori when a g.o.d member gave him a surprise phone call during a radio show years ago.

The rumors became very widespread and although no one could really produce any evidence that this was heard on the radio show, it was believed by many at first.

On the August 12th broadcast of 'Magic Eye', Lee Hyori recalled the rumor, "A long time ago, [there was a rumor that] Rain was put on the phone on a radio show and he said that he slept with Lee Hyori the night before."

Hong Jin Kyung further explained the rumors on Hyori's behalf for those who hadn't heard it: "A false rumor spread that [Rain] didn't know that it was a live radio broadcast when he picked up a call from a g.o.d member. As soon as he picked up, Rain supposedly said, 'I slept with Hyori yesterday.'"

Hyori continued, "If you're a celebrity who's done a phone call on broadcast before, you know that there are no call-ins by surprise. It's all arranged beforehand. And also, I didn't even sleep with him!"

She continued, "When I heard that [rumor]... I mean if I did sleep with him, it would be a different case. But I had never even slept with him... I thought the rumors would just spread a bit and just stop since it was absurd. But it turned into a big thing.

"Since I wasn't a married woman at that time, I didn't feel the need to step up and explain myself, especially since I didn't view sleeping with someone as some big wrongdoing, it's not as if I killed someone.

"Also even before that, there would be stories like that floating around so I didn't pay attention to it much because it gets to be a hassle when you worry about every little thing."

"However, one day, I went hiking and I heard a mother and her daughter in front of me talking about it. The daughter said, 'Mom, yesterday I heard that Lee Hyori and Rain slept together.'

"I was standing really close to them, but I was wearing a hat, mask, and in hiking clothes, so I was unrecognizable. I heard the mother respond, 'Of course, those celebrities, they're all like that. They look like the type to do that.'

So when I heard this, without even realizing, I yelled, 'I did not sleep with him!'"

Hyori then continued on to explain why she never really clarified the rumors or released a statement about it in the past. "I didn't explain myself to the public because I didn't realize then how big this would get or how much it would spread."

The other guests and MCs told her, "But when you don't clarify things like this, people just start accepting the rumor as the truth,"

Lee Hyori responded, "But also, sometimes when you release a statement about this kind of thing, then it could even become a bigger issue. That rumor was only really known and discussed among people interested in celebrities and entertainment field, but if I were to explain myself, then articles would come out and people, who didn't even hear about the rumor or weren't even interested in it, would learn of it."

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