Lee Byung Hun’s ads pulled due to overwhelming response by netizens

21 September 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

Source: Kpopstarz

Last week, netizens expressed their intention to boycott products or ads being endorsed by Lee Byung Hun.

They are calling out companies and asking them to remove the actor from their advertisements as they think he is not fit to be an endorser anymore because of his tainted image.

Moreover, some added that they do not want to see Lee Byung Hun's face on TV so they want his CFs to stop appearing on television.

With the aim of removing the embattled actor from ads, a petition was formally launched and it seeks at least 2,000 signatures for the petition to work.

However, the "Please take Lee Byung Hun Out of Ads" appeal garnered more than 4,000 signatures and still counting.

With the gathering of signatures being open until September 29 at Daum Agora, the number of signatures is expected to go higher, given that the scandal Lee Byung Hun is had gone more complicated and now involved issues with womanizing despite being married.

The response of the people only suggests that many were appalled with his behavior eventhough he is the victim in the case which started the whole mess.

Nonetheless, companies are now taking notice of the petition as it gains more supporters.

As a result, a few companies already put their Lee Byung Hun's ads on hold and as of this time they can't say what step they should take next as their contract with the actor is still active.

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