Leaking of intimate videos causes severe health issues for Sire Ma

13 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

Earlier, erotic dancing video related to TVB artiste, Sire Ma, was leaked out and it attracted attention from the world, reported Asian E-News Portal

As a result, Sire was under tremendous pressure and proceeded to sue Next Media for exposing her private stuff by using some underhand means.

The hearing was conducted in the high court and the judge pointed out that the exposure of Sire Ma's erotic dancing video might have invaded her privacy and health issue as well.

As such, the judge imposed an injunction towards the media from exposing additional Sire Ma's naked photos and videos.

Virginia Lok ordered Sire Ma to return to Mainland China to avoid rumours

After the injunction, the media could not use third party to expose the naked photos and videos and ordered the media to transfer the contents from the designated computer within 7 days.

As the lawyer represented Sire Ma, he or she pointed out that Sire was greatly affected by the incident and needed to see a psychiatric doctor.

It showed that her condition was adverse and Sire Ma might commit suicide should if she saw the sad news when the media continued to expose more naked photos and videos.

Subsequently, Sire Ma expressed her gratitude to her lawyer for assistance and offered apology to her family, colleagues and seniors as well.

During a telephone interview, Virginia Lok, TVB senior expressed her concern for Sire Ma.

She told her to return to Mainland China, and it will be safer being looked after by her family.

Wang Zhiqi denied recording the video

In addition, Sire Ma's ex love, Wang Zhiqi, uploaded the letter issued from her lawyer to Sire Ma's lawyer on Weibo that she denied recording the erotic dancing video.

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