Lawrence Ng's wife speaks up about broken marriage for the first time

2 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

Lawrence Ng announced his intention to divorce with his Chinese actress wife, Shi Yang Zi, and revealed that they he had lived apart for four years.

He said on his Weibo, “As a man, I did not manage my marriage well. I really can’t escape from this responsibility. For the sake of our daughter, I really do not want to take this last step, but things go contrary to our wishes.”

For the first time, his wife Yang Zi shed light on their marriage. Accepting an interview from the Chinese media, Yang Zi said, “We have separated about three to four years ago. It’s just that the news came out only recently.”

Yang Zi, who is 21 years younger than Lawrence, revealed that their huge age gap is a big problem in their marriage. Due to their age gap, they have differences in views and the ways they handle things.

These problems did not seem to matter when they were dating, but the problems started to surfaced when they lived together, reports Asian Pop News.

Unlike what the tabloids reported, Yang Zi said Lawrence was fully supportive of her coming out to work. “He has all along been very supportive towards me. He thinks that a woman shouldn’t just be a housewife, and should be active in the society.”

Yang Zi said that after the divorce, she and Lawrence will share the responsibility of raising their daughter together.

Reports also pointed that Yang Zi rarely posted photos of her family on her micro-blog, and instead prefers to post photos of her with others.

She said, “I will not expose my privacy in a public platform, but it does not mean that I don’t love them [referring to her family]. I am only using other ways to love them.”

Responding on rumours that she had flirted with men in the pub, Yang Zi said, “I can’t control what others think.”

According to Jayne Stars, Lawrence -- who has been living in Mainland China -- plans to move back to Hong Kong after the divorce.

Unable to handle the lifestyle in China, Lawrence disclosed, “I always felt that Hong Kong is my actual home. The longer I’ve been living in China, the more I dislike it there.

"Besides the differences in culture, the most important thing is that there seems to be a lack of justice and discipline in China.

"I know that my daughter will have her own opinions when she grows up and will be able to tell the difference between the two places. Then, we can let her choose where she wants to stay!”

Relocating to China in 2007 after the birth of his daughter, Lawrence admitted that he never adjusted to living in China.

Besides recalling the time Yangzi was a victim of a online shopping scam, Lawrence said he once witnessed a man urinating in public who then threatened to hit him because he simply glanced over.

Having stayed in England during his studies, Lawrence also does not recommend living overseas. Firm on enrolling his daughter at an international school in Hong Kong, Lawrence refuses to send her anywhere else.

Recalling his experience on being bullied in England, Lawrence angrily explained, “I used to get bullied overseas because people in England really cared about seniority. Since I was a junior, I was a slave to the upperclassmen.

"I got up every morning to buy food and serve drinks to the bosses. At night, when everyone had two blankets, I only had one. And sometimes they would hit me with a towel and ask for snacks.

"I couldn’t tell my teacher because the outcome would be worse. I was crying internally at that time, it was unbearable!”

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