Lawrence Ng known for his doctor roles -- but now his own health is in danger

8 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Even though he has saved many lives as an on-screen doctor, Lawrence Ng (吳啟華) has neglected his own health until just recently.

Celebrating his fiftieth birthday on May 19, Lawrence has vowed to make his well-being a top priority as he recalls the scare that initiated a drastic change in lifestyle, reports Jayne Stars.

Despite looking healthy and fit for his age, Lawrence led a sedentary lifestyle and hid a smoking habit. Like many others, he paid little attention to maintaining his health until his body gave him a very physical warning.

While filming in Shanghai about two years ago, Lawrence developed allergic rhinitis due to the cold and dry air. He did not treat this common symptom, which led to constant sneezing for months.

He finally went for treatment when one day his sneezed out a rather large amount of blood. Worried that he has developed cancer in his nose and throat, Lawrence hurried to the doctor who diagnosed him with the much less threatening sinusitis.

Relieved by the results though humbled by the experience, the actor immediately quit smoking and has since added exercise and healthy meals to his daily routine.

Lawrence took a brief break from his packed schedule to promote his current on-air series Never Dance Alone <女人俱樂部> on May 6.

Since the show focuses on nostalgia, Lawrence also spent a moment to reflect on his life and realized that he must be more careful with his health as he is about to reach his fifth decade.

Although he has ditched his bad habits, he must now face a new demon since he has gained weight after quitting smoking.

Seeing his belly bulge out from his costume while filming The Battle Of Tomorrow <再戰明天>, Lawrence quickly set a new goal to get his weight under control.

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