This is the latest selfie craze to hit Hollywood -- the 'bedstagram'

22 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

The latest selfie craze, known as the bedstagram, has taken Hollywood by storm.

What is a bedstagram, you may ask? It's a photo of yourself taken when you've just woken up, which basically says you look great just as you are, with no makeup or other embellishments.

The trend was started by singer Beyonce, inspired by the song Flawless from her new album, reports The Straits Times Communities.

Her photo has spawned a slew of posts by celebrities striking similar just-out-of-bed poses.

Frivolous or not, some say the bedstagram is a novel way for celebrities to connect with fans, by inviting them into their bedrooms.

Do you agree?

Photos 1 to 6 of the gallery below show the 'bedstagram' selfies, while the rest of the gallery shows other celeb selfies.

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