This is the last thing you'd expect someone to do after getting shot

26 March 2015 / 1 year 7 months ago

A 20-year-old catering student was shot on his shoulder during a four-hour rampage.

So, what does he do after getting shot? He takes a smiling selfie and posts it on social media site, Snapchat, reports emirates247 via The Mirror.

When a man approached the student working in a restaurant and asked him to hand over his car keys, the young man said no and got shot for his negative answer.

The gunman also injured at least five others and killed one man in the shooting incident.

Ryan Martinez was working as a chef in the restaurant when he noticed the man who was approaching him had a gun in his hand.

The two had a brief conversation.

He dropped down on the floor and shouted out to warn others in the vicinity and got up to run towards the hotel's exit to save his life, when he was shot on his shoulder from behind.

Ryan is now back home and recuperating. The gunman was arrested.

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