Large group of men splash water on, strip and molest women in Vietnam water park

6 July 2015 / 1 year 3 months ago

An event at a water park in Hanoi, Vietnam, went horribly wrong when a large group of men decided to take advantage of female swimmers there.

The park had opened up for free admission on that day,but the large crowd had forced them to close the gates to avoid overcrowding.

However, around 70 to 80 men who were already inside started attacking women by splashing water on them.

They even dipped their heads in water, almost drowning the women, reports Viral Cham.

While they were doing this, they also ripped off the female swimmers' bikinis and molested them.

However, the Vice Managing Director of the park said no such thing happened, and that the girls' swimwear were ripped because these were poor quality bikinis.

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