Ladies' Code members still need psychological stability

24 October 2014 / 2 years 4 days ago

Polaris Entertainment has recently provided another update on the current status of Ladies’ Code members Ashley, Sojung, and Zuny.

On October 23, a representative of Polaris Entertainment told Newsen, “Currently, Sojung, Ashley, and Zuny’s health conditions have improved a lot.

"Ashley and Zuny sustained minor injuries so their recovery was fast. Sojung was also able to recover quickly after surgery and her health has almost returned completely.”

According to Soompi, the rep continued to explain, “Although all three members are showing improvement in their [physical] health, they are still in need of psychological stability so they are getting more rest.”

Meanwhile, the last update from the agency about a month ago stated that Sojung had undergone surgery for her facial fractures, and now it appears that she is in the final stages of recovery.

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