Kym Ng's CNY resolution is to make better use of her brains

3 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

By Charlene Chua
The New Paper
Saturday, Feb 1, 2014

Chinese New Year will be a quiet one for Kym Ng this year because her mother-in-law died recently. In Chinese tradition, one isn't supposed to celebrate the festive season for the following year or more after the loss of a close family member.

So the actress-host is going to occupy herself by staying at home and reading books or catching up on beauty sleep. Ng, who is in her 40s and has been married since 2009 to a Chinese Singaporean identified only as Mr Yang, said:

"Every year, because I don't have children, I only give out hongbao but I don't receive any. "This year, I don't have to give any hongbao, so more money for me to buy new clothes and makan!"

Ever the candid and bubbly comedienne, Ng has also made what she thinks is a fun new year's resolution - to make more use of her brain juice. She said: "I'm not clever when it comes to competitive game shows that I frequently appear on.

"I'm actually rather stupid in them so the other celebrity hosts will go out to 'kill' each other and leave me alone because they always say that I am dumb and useless. "For that reason, sometimes I'm the sole survivor. But I do want to be smarter this year!"

She gave the example of her 2013 Channel U variety show Finding U, where the four hosts - including Quan Yi Fong, Li Teng and Ben Yeo - went in search of treasure which could take the form of a person or object.

This year, Ng resolves to use her wits and give her rivals a run for their money. She said: "The problem with me is that I don't ever strategise because I don't have a single competitive bone in my body which translates as less stress for me.

"Like for mahjong, I just throw the card that I feel like throwing. That's why I've taken part only in solo sports such as swimming and jogging.

"So my other goal this year is to play table tennis, which I've been training in for five years, with someone other than my coach. I can finally spar with somebody and hopefully win."

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