Kym Ng on local actor Aloysius Pang: 'If he were older and I were single, I would definitely accept him.'

29 January 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

His local female fans send him mushy messages that make him blush. One fan even refers to him as her husband-to-be.

But for local actor Aloysius Pang, there’s only one woman — an older actress — that speaks to his heart.

Pang, 24, said he has a huge soft spot for Kym Ng.

He told The New Paper: “Kym has all the qualities that I want in a woman. She’s adorable, witty and kind. I like everything about her.

“My favourite feature of hers is her eyes. Her eyes can tell a story. I try to get dinner with her every now and then to keep in touch.”

The pair met and got close after he played her son in Channel 8 drama It Takes Two (2012).

When asked if he has told Ng how he felt about her, Pang exclaimed: “No! I’m still very shy.

“When we talk, her advice to me when it comes to acting is to always be myself and enjoy what I do.”

Ng repaid Pang’s compliments by calling him a “really decent, hardworking guy”.

Said the actress-host: “Aloysius is talented and extremely sensitive; this makes him very mindful of other people’s feelings.

“He keeps a low profile and just works hard, which is rare in this industry.

“For example, if he were to be acting as a swimmer in a drama, he would hire a swimming instructor to train him in his own time.”

On his affection for her, she laughed good-naturedly and said: “If he were older and I were single, I would definitely accept him.

“Do you know that I acted as his mum, but he never once called me mum off set or after filming wrapped?

“He always respectfully calls me big sis and that touches me to no end. He likes my eyes? I believe him and thank him for the sincere compliment.”

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