Kylie Minogue's inspiration is grandma

20 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Kylie Minogue likes a "challenge" and always tries to think of how her 94-year-old grandmother would deal with a situation.

The 'Wow' hitmaker loves a "challenge" and whenever she is in a tough situation, she tries to think about how her elderly relative would handle it.

She said: "I like a challenge. I don't want to give in until there is no other option; I'm pretty tenacious and determined.

"I always try to think of what my 94-year-old grandmother would do. I asked her just a few years ago, 'Nain, how do you do it? You're just so cool.' She had six kids, emigrated to Australia from Wales and is the great matriarch of the family. And she said, 'Well Kylie, you just go with the flow.' "

Kylie - who split from boyfriend Andres Velencoso last year after five years together - spent New Year's Eve (31.12.13) alone and says having chance to "reflect" helped her make peace with the past and she is doing her best to move forward with her life.

She told Stylist magazine: "It was very quiet, very peaceful and I reflected on the past year.

"Even though it was exciting and now I'm reaping the benefits, there was a lot in the last year that was just not so great.

"Dealing with sadness and trying to make peace with those things and think about moving forward... We can't just go backwards. It's our good fortune if we get to go forwards. It's very hard for me to describe, but there was an energy shift.

"It doesn't mean I'm not fraught, tired, stressed, excited, crazy, all the things that I was before, but there's a chain of thought that I didn't have before and I do now and I really hope I can hang on to it."

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