Kylie Jenner was 'obsessed' with Kendall

27 February 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Kylie Jenner was "obsessed" with her sister Kendall when they were younger and used to follow her "everywhere".

The 16-year-old reality TV star used to follow her older sibling "everywhere" and the pair - who are the daughters of Kris and Bruce Jenner - were so close they even used to dress identically.

Speaking to Mexico's Marie Claire magazine, Kendall, 18, said: "She was obsessed with me. She followed me everywhere."

Kylie added: "If she got up in the middle of the night, I got up of the middle of the night. I literally couldn't leave her side. We even matched everything we wore."

Kendall - who made her debut at New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week recently - admitted she has always wanted to be a model.

She said: "Even as a kid, I remember always looking at my mom's magazines, I would look up to them and I thought they were so beautiful and they seemed very elegant and cool.

"It's just something I really wanted to be."

Kylie is planning to pursue a career in fashion design but also wants to try her hand at acting.

She said: "Right now I love designing and I want to pursue that career once I turn 18. But acting is something I would regret not giving a chance when I'm older, so I would love to try it and see if I like it."

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