Kristen Stewart believes she'll still get married to Robert Pattinson

18 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: HollywoodLifeWith news that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are on a trial separation while Rob, 26, is away in Australia, it seems like the end of our favorite couple could be near. But don’t tell Kristen, 22, that! We’ve learned that she’s hoping this time apart will draw the two even closer ‘” possibly even to the altar!Sources close to the situation tell exclusively that the Snow White and the Huntsman actress agreed to the trial separation, “but doesn’t really believe in it.Meaning she is still going to contact him during the time away.‘While the hunky Brit is adamant about enforcing the no-contact plan during his two-month shoot for The Rover, our sources say that “Kristen still believes she will see him, either by visiting him on time off or him having a brief time off to meet her somewhere.‘Kristen Stewart Hopes Robert Pattinson Puts A Ring On ItKristen wants to get married, so our sources say she is hoping that absence will only make Rob’s heart grow fonder. “She’s thinking, ‘˜I’ll give him this, but then he’ll realize he needs me and we need each other,’‘ one source says.“The relationship has issues,‘ our insiders say. “Kristen might not get the wedding ring she wants anytime soon, but she may be able to convince Rob to stay around. He really just wants to focus on the filming of the new movie without any other drama or stress.‘Rob Just Wants To Work, Free Of DramaOur sources stress that Rob is serious about avoiding any relationship distractions while he focuses on his work. “Again, he wants no drama while on the film, so bringing her out, he is currently against‘¦‘It seems like Rob and Kristen have a long road ahead of them. Do you think Rob and Kristen’s trial separation could lead to marriage, or does it spell doom for the couple?

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