Kristal Tin slapped co-star so viciously she fell onto floor

31 October 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Yesterday Edwin Siu, Ruco Chan, Kristal Tin and Louis Cheung attended TVB series Brother's Keeper promotional event.

In the episode that aired two nights ago, Kristal's character riguously slapped Sarah Song's character multiple times until she fell on the floor because she had deceived Kristal's husband Edwin Siu's money.

According to a reort on Tvbnewsworld, netizens said Kristal was even more vicious than the "14 Slaps HK Girl".

Netizens also felt bad for Kristal because Edwin had betrayed her love. They madly scolded Edwin on Weibo and vowed to burn him to death. 

Yesterday afternoon, Kristal started a poll for "Brother's Keeper My Most Liked" to help promote the series. The top three favorites were Ruco Chan, Kristal and Edwin.

When Kristal learned of netizens' reactions to her vicious slapping scene, she said:

"When I watched it again, I thought it was really cruel too. There was a martial arts director on the set while we filmed that scene. In fighting/beating scenes, usually the person who is doing the beating is more pressured

"Sarah Song was great, she told me to actually slap her. I said to her, I'm slapping her so many times, I'm afraid her face might end up becoming bigger than mine.

"So, I just tried to hit her long hair more and the outcome came out quite realistic. She reminded me that she's able to move her hand to fight back, so I used my legs to hold her hands down.

Asked if her husband Chapman To had watched the scene yet, Kristal said:

"He's in Japan, but when he saw the terrifying screen shots, that scum said, 'You all can see how I live'. I told him not to come back otherwise I would hold his hands down with my legs!"

Kristal joked that Chapman is in Japan having a great time shooting the film Naked Ambition 2: "He was quite excited at first, but I'm afraid he'll get into trouble. When he gets back, I will check on him."

Yesterday Chapman said on Facebook that his wife had put in a lot of effort into Brother's Keeper, but he's supporting tonight's "No TV Day" and believes Kristal will understand. 

Edwin revealed that after the episode aired, his Weibo was bombarded with comments. Netizens scolded him for betraying Kristal and even wanted to burn him to death. He said netizens were way too absorbed into the series.

Is Edwin afraid he might ended up like Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao and have feces thrown at him? He said:

"That is disgusting, I rather get burned! But, that's crazy! I hope there won't be such thing that happens again.Hong Kong is a city governed by law, there won't be that many feces!"

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