Kpop idol shocked to discover how much he had left in bank account: $3

4 October 2014 / 2 years 3 weeks ago

On October 3rd airing of MBC 'I Live Alone,' M.I.B's Kangnam appeared for the first time and was shocked to find out his bank account balance.

Through the airing, Kangnam revealed his single life living alone in Korea since he moved away from his family in Japan four years ago and left behind a dorm life two years ago, reports allkpop.

The idol told the producers during the interview, "I want to be more busy. We're not very popular so we don't have that many schedules. I lie down and watch TV. I do get envious when I see idols on TV busy with their schedule.

"Our CEO promised me that I'd hit it big back during our debut, and although I'm starting to have some doubt these days, I'm going to work hard until the end and have hope."

Kangnam also visited the bank to find out how much he had left and was shocked to find out he only had 3,422 KRW (~ $3 USD). He stuttered in shock to the teller and asked, "Is there an error with this? I had some money [in the bank] before."

The bank teller then responded, "You had some money 3 months ago."

The idol called his manager and told him, "Hyung, I only have 3,422 KRW. What do I do."His manager let out a sigh and said, "I don't have money either, I have a negative balance. At least you aren't in the negative."

To this Kangnam brightened up right away with a smile and said, "You're right. At least I have a positive balance! Sorry hyung, maybe I shouldn't have called you."

He also demonstrated his bright and friendly image throughout his appearance, randomly making friends with strangers on the subway and calling everyone he knows whenever he had questions about something.

He also kept reminding himself "Although it's only 3,422 KRW, I have a positive balance,"receiving praise from the viewers who cheered on his positive mindset.

Photos 1 and 2 show Kangnam, while the rest show other celebs who went from rich to broke.

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