Korea's Ministry of Gender Equality bans song that's 'hazardous' to children

10 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: allkpop10cm’s hit song, “Americano‘, was struck down with the label as ‘˜hazardous for children’.The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family criticized that the song, “Americano‘, contained lyrics that were hazardous to a child’s concept of a ‘˜clean relationship’ with the other sex. The part of the lyrics that was pointed out was, “Having a cigarette with a pretty lady and having a cup of tea, while kissing another woman and having a cigarette‘.With this said, “Americano‘ cannot be played on broadcast stations from 7AM to 10PM, which is labeled as ‘˜children protection time’. Furthermore, you must have adult certification to download the song.With this news, netizens replied, “The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family is trying to block our ears‘, “At this rate, they’re going to ban the Pororo song for having the lyrics, ‘˜I like playing the most’‘, “They’re banning whatever they grab‘, showing their confusion and lack of understanding.Famous composer Yoon Il Sang criticized the Ministry’s standard’s for ‘˜hazardous material’, as well.On the August 22nd episode of YTN’s “Issue & People‘, Yoon Il Sang appeared on the show and stated, “As an originator, I am disappointed by the recent issue of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family and lyrics‘, speaking up about his opinions.He spoke up about the banning of 10cm’s “Americano‘, in particular, “If “Americano‘ is hazardous material for children, I suggest banning the Pororo song for suggesting playing with the lyrics, ‘˜I like playing the most’. Couldn’t that be bad for children, too?‘ and that “In reality, there’s always things hazardous for children in a 100 meter radius. Although there are things like that existing, they are only setting limits to the lyrics of music. It just doesn’t make sense logically‘, criticizing the Ministry.Concluding, Yoon Il Sang stated, “Putting censorship on music even after death is like taking away the freedom of expression in the Democratic nation‘, showing his regretful feelings.

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