Korean time-travel drama is witty and cute

1 November 2012 / 3 years 12 months ago

Source: The Straits TimesQueen & I is the second Korean drama this year to send a Chosun nobleman hurtling through time to modern Seoul. It is probably the fourth series since the Chinese drama Palace last year to pair off a woman from the present with a man from the past.But it is also the wittiest and niftiest time-travel tale to have made it to the screen in a while.Typically, the genre is bounded by history, consequences and histrionics on one side and fish-out-of-water comedy on the other side. This drama currently airing on MediaCorp Channel U, however, plays with the particulars and narrative potential of time-hopping itself.Initially, its visitor, a scholar (Ji Hyun Woo) with a magical time-shifting talisman, brings to mind the out-of-time royal in the recent Korean drama Rooftop Prince. He, too, has fallen from the past into the present, from a heavy historical drama into a light contemporary comedy.

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