Korean singer Hong Dae Kwang shares his delight at his idol A-Pink

27 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

On December 28, Singer Hong Dae Kwang released a picture taken with A-Pink members Jeong Eun Ji, Yoon Bo Mi, and Oh Ha Young. The picture was taken at the shooting site of ‘Hidden Singer 2’ and released through Hong Dae Kwang’s official twitter.

On that day, Hong Dae Kwang and A-Pink participated as the panels of the hidden Singer. The episode was about Kim Kwang Seok, who left many mater pieces before his death.

Hong Dae Kwnag said, “I am the big fan of A-Pink. It’s honor to meet them at meaningful shooting site like this.”

Hong Dae Sung had been participating the concert tour ‘Singing Again Kim Kwang Seok,’ showing his respect and love toward his superior singer Kim Kwang Seok. As the panel of ‘Hidden Singer 2,’ Hong Dae Kwang is planning to touch the heart of audiences.

Meanwhile, ‘Hidden Singer 2 – episode of Kim Dae Kwang’ will be broadcast on January 8.(photo by CJ E&M)

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