Korean rapper Swings doesn't regret insulting other performers: Here's what he actually regrets

30 August 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

Swings was firm in his stance until the end by stating that he doesn't regret releasing his diss tracks which fueled a battle in the Korean hip hop scene.

AllKpop reported that on the August 28th broadcast of 'Shindong's Shimshimtapa', DJ Shindong asked, "You must have been put in a tight spot from this sudden situation, so I will ask you one question. To be honest, don't you regret it?" Swings commented, "I don't regret it... But I didn't expect such a storm."

"When I get angry, I speak in a coarse manner. But I normally have a timid personality... Because I cursed others out through my diss [tracks], others can curse at me too." Swings was still affected by the aftermath. When Shindong asked if it was difficult for him to sleep because of the negative comments, Swings admitted, "Honestly, yes."

"Through this controversy, I think I've been called 'pig' 5 million times. To be honest, I was on a diet, so I thought to myself that I should have started it earlier," revealing the one thing that he does regret from all of this.

Swings also apologized to E-Sens and JTONG, sharing, "I think it was low of me to try to win by mentioning you. I'm sorry and I will make music that doesn't disappoint from now on." He also apologized to his agency CEO Rhymer, sharing, "I am very sorry for releasing a track without telling you. Thank you. I will do my best to devote myself to music."

The rapper further said that he doesn't plan to release any more diss tracks in the near future and he'll be focusing on his upcoming album. Swings stated, "I have no regrets. I'm going to go my way until the end. My goal is to make the people who dislike me into my fans through my music."

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