Korean musicians highly compliment Shin Seung Hoon’s new song

18 October 2013 / 3 years 1 week ago

[by Cho Suyoun] Junior musicians are all praising the king of ballad’s return on SNS.

The king of ballad Shin Seung Hoon has returned after four years since the last album. As he released one of the tracks yesterday, music fans and junior musicians are showing great interests in the song.

The new song ‘I’ve Changed A Lot’ is the first track of his upcoming album ‘GREAT WAVE.’ As soon as the song was revealed yesterday (October 17) at noon, the song was ranked on top of major music charts and was twitted by many celebrities.

Including Choija, who featured the song, Yoon Jong Shin, BUMKEY, Alex and other great musicians complimented the song on Twitter, showing expectations on Shin Seung Hoon’s return.  

Meanwhile, Shin Seung Hoon will unveil the entire album on the 23rd and hold a special comeback show on Mnet. In addition, Shin Seung Hoon will host blockbuster concert ‘THE SHINSEUNGHOON SHOW’ on November 9 at Olympic Stadium in Seoul. (photo by Dorothy Company)

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