Korean jeans ad 'similar' to Brooke Shields'

27 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

A blogger has attempted to draw comparisons between photos of Korean actress Park Shin Hye's modelling a pair of jeans and Hollywood celebrity Brooke Shields' Calvin Klein jeans advertisement campaign from the 1980s after seeing the former's photos online recently.Ockoala, the handle by which the blogger is known based on the post, wrote that she gasped out loud after noticing a similarity in outfit and poses between Shin Hye's photos of her in 'jambangee' jeans and Brooke's 'Nothing gets between me and my Calvins' ad campaign.She wrote:"When I saw these new pictures of Park Shin Hye for the Spring collection of jeans and denim for Jambangee (hilarious name, BTW), I actually gasped out loud. Who else got flashbacks to baby Brooke Shields and her 'Nothing gets between me and my Calvins' ad campaign?"Or did I date myself? Or not, since I could just be very well-versed in pop culture lore."Anyways, Brooke and her Calvins were so long ago I won’t take Jambangee to task for lifting the same pose and styling and using it on Park Shin Hye. It stills works ‘“ nothing quite has that visceral raw sexiness quite like a girl poured into her skin tight jeans."I love me my skinny jeans but the ones Park Shin Hye are wearing pretty much defy nature to put on unless one has a perfect body -- which she does."Check out the gallery below to find out if Park Shin Hye's latest photoshoot bears a heavy resemblence to Brooke Shields' Calvin Klein ad campaign from yesteryear.

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