Korean girl's 60-second makeup routine will leave you stunned

8 April 2015 / 1 year 6 months ago

How fast can you put your make-up on at home? What about when you’re in a moving elevator? This Korean teen manages to make up her face in a matter of seconds as she rides down the elevator on her way to school.

According to an article in Koreaboo, Bada Lee is a high school teen in South Korea whose mother checks on every morning to make sure she has no makeup on because she tends to get in trouble in school for wearing it.

However, Bada is so determined to look her best that she sneakily applies make-up on the elevator and as she walks to school every morning.

She claims that as we live in the 21st century, she feels that it is out of respect and good manners to apply make-up every day.

Some girls have trouble applying mascara on while they’re at home. Meanwhile, this girl manages to put on eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, and eyeshadow, all in a matter of seconds…in a moving elevator from the 4th floor down. 

See how she does it in the gallery below.

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