Korean fans slam websites for deleting their photos with Japanese idol Shinozaki Ai

30 May 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

Japanese model and idol singer Shinozaki Ai is very popular in Korean male-dominant internet communities.

Recently, an Ilbe netizen shared a few photos taken with her. He asked her to do the hand sign used by Ilbe netizens to verify photos.

The Ilbe moderator deleted the original post but soon one of the “proof photos” was re-uploaded. Despite being a “recycled” post (repost), it garnered enthusiastic responses from the users. 

Both the uploaders and fans made comments slamming moderators who initially deleted their photos with her, reports Korea Bang.

This also brought back attention to one of the most up-voted and commented posts ever on MLB Park from last year where a netizen shared his travel story to meet Shinozaki Ai in Japan. 

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