Korean director of new Arnie movie frustrated with Hollywood system

15 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

It seems that his first foray into Hollywood wasn’t so easy for famed director Kim Jee-woon, reported Korea Herald.“Hollywood may not be so great for (Korean) filmmakers,‘ said the director, after the press premiere of his Hollywood debut “The Last Stand‘ in Seoul on Wednesday.Kim, best known for his 2003 horror “A Tale of Two Sisters‘ and 2010 thriller “I Saw the Devil,‘ is back with a $30-million English-language film featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead. Directing the action flick in the U.S. was “lonely‘ and “extremely challenging,‘ mostly because he had a hard time getting used to the Hollywood system of filmmaking, he said. Unlike the Korean film industry, where directors make most of the decisions for their films, working in Hollywood required Kim to persuade everyone at the shoot, including the producer and the actors, whenever he wanted to make changes to the initial plans that were finalized during the pre-production phase.

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