Korean celebs tease fans with previews of their smoking-hot photoshoots

22 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Korean celebs Ivy and F.T. Island's Jonghun served up a teaser for their fans when previews of their photoshoot that showed a bit of skin was released on the Internet.Ivy became the next female celebrity to leave us envious of her bikini body as she posed in beachwear for the latest issue of 'High Cut', reported allkpop.She was whisked off to Jeju Island for the shoot, where she strutted her glamorous figure in different bikinis, and a one piece, that she still managed to keep effortlessly sexy.The singer is currently keeping in shape as she performs her choreography on stages of music programs with her latest song, "I Dance".Meanwhile, F.T. Island's Jonghun bared his upper body for an upcoming issue of 'Elle'.He teased fans by covering up his abs though he showed off his chiseled shoulders and chest in the process, taking the breath away of fans and making girls swoon.He put his hair up and wore a serious face, putting the focus on his nice body instead.It's a different look than his usual, smiling, guitar-playing self, but he still looks pretty amazing!

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