Chinese actress and Kpop star reportedly arrested along with Jaycee and Kai

28 August 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

Following Jaycee Chan and Kai Ko’s drug arrest, earlier reports have suggested that two Hong Kong female artistes were arrested together as well.

The latest report reveals that the identities of the two women are Chinese actress Alice Li from Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG), and former Chinese member of South Korean girl group RaNia, Yijo.

Both women reportedly arranged to meet at Jaycee’s apartment on 14 August before being arrested at a foot reflexology centre, said Asian Pop News.

The two girls reportedly pleaded through an influential source to the authorities for not exposing their identities, and ‘tweaked’ the headline to “two Hong Kong female artistes” to divert attention.

Alice is heavily groomed by EEG and has starred in several big films such as As the Light Goes Out <救火英雄> and The Midas Touch <超級經理人>. In her latest film But Always <一生一世>, she also stars alongside with Nicholas Tse and Gao Yuan Yuan, which is slated to release next month. The film distributor is said to be worried that this would affect the film, and hopes that her identity would not be exposed.

Attending a press conference, EEG’s manager Mani responded on Alice’s drug scandal, “We are unable to contact Alice, and even her family is not able to contact her as well.”

When asked what action will EEG take if Alice is confirmed in the drug arrest, Mani said, “We have not received any notification. We will not respond to a hypothetical scenario.”

Meanwhile, it is speculated that Kai Ko will be released from the detention centre tomorrow and return to Taiwan, where he may face charges.

The Taiwanese police revealed that Kai will not be handcuffed at the airport, but if his urine is tested positive for drugs, he will be sent to a drug rehabilitation centre. The police will not object if Kai decides to undergo self-rehabilitation programme himself.

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