Korean celeb boosts cancer recovery -- by taking Lamborghini out for spin

12 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Singer Baek Chung Kang, winner of 'Birth of A Great Star', who's currently in the midst of recovering from rectal cancer, surprised fans by updating with an eye-catching Lamborghini! allkpop reported that Baek Chung Kang showed off the hot ride on his me2day, writing, "I drove to the Han River after finishing recording last night keke With my love, Lambo keke hohohoho."Since the green Lamborghini, worth over approximately 300 million KRW (~$265,000 USD), has never been mentioned before by the singer, fans were left wondering if he had decided to celebrate his road to recovery with the luxury car. His agency, however, clarified the misunderstanding later, stating, "The Lamborghini shown in the photo is not Baek Chung Kang's car. Baek Chung Kang's car is the KIA K7 that he won from 'Birth of A Great Star'." As mentioned previously, the singer is recovering following multiple surgeries for rectal cancer. It's said that because he's not still completely well enough to sing, Baek Chung Kang is currently working on composing music. We continue to wish Baek Chung Kang a safe and speedy recovery.

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