Korean actress shows up at event uninvited -- but it's her daring outfit that makes headlines

19 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

No Soo Ram became one of the most searched names on Korean online portals after she made her grand entrance wearing a drastic see-through dress, revealing much of her figure.

The Rookie actress was also accused of intruding on the 'Blue Dragon Film Awards' without an invitation, reports allkpop.

According to the film award representatives, No Soo Ram was not on the official list of invited actresses, but because she arrived at the event dressed for the occasion, they weren't able to turn her away.

On December 18, a representative revealed to a media outlet, "No Soo Ram was not one of the invited actresses for the awards ceremony yesterday, but we weren't able to turn her away, especially when she was dressed for the occasion. We found out who she was and sent her name over to the press."

There were articles popping up that she only walked the red carpet for a photo op and didn't attend the actual awards ceremony.

No Soo Ram's agency defended their actress, calling the articles groundless.

They said, "The articles that stated that she only walked the red carpet are groundless.

She went inside the awards ceremony and watched [as well]." However, the agency added that they never got in contact with representatives of the awards ceremony, but stated that the actress had been invited through an industry acquaintance.

The rookie actress also took it upon herself to clear her name and said during an interview, "Truthfully, it doesn't make sense for an actress to go to an awards ceremony wearing a dress without an invitation. It's an absurd story that normal people wouldn't even consider."

She added, "Honestly, I think of this as one way of receiving interest [from the public]. I am normally very optimistic and have been living with such a mindset. I want to think of this as one way for [people] to take interest [in me]."

Photos 1 to 8 show the risque outfit while the rest show other revealing and see-through outfits that have made headlines. 

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