Korean actress Kim So Yeon willing to do bed scenes and date younger men

10 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Actress Kim So Yeon recently attended the press conference for her upcoming tvN drama 'I Need Romance 3' and talked about doing possible bed scenes as well as working with a younger man like Sung Joon.

One media reporter asked her about any love scenes in the drama and she responded, "The scripts for the first seven episodes came out, but I have no bed scenes as of yet. I just filmed kiss scenes.

"If a bed scene were to come out, I think I would engage myself in it resolutely," causing Sung Joon, who plays her love interest, to suddenly down his water while looking humorously taken aback to everyone's amusement.

Sung Joon said, "Our chemistry is really great. I always look forward to and feel excited for our kiss scenes," and laughed. Kim So Yeon was then asked to choose between the two male actors Sung Joon and Nam Goong Min.

She said firmly, "I want both men," again entertaining everyone at the event. In addition, she talked about the fact that Sung Joon was much younger than herself.

She said, "I was a bit worried because Sung Joon is ten years younger than I am . . . I'm worried that I might appear to be his aunt while we acted together.

'It was a relief that Sung Joon did not have much of a baby face so I felt like our age gap was not so big."

A reporter asked what the actress thought about dating a younger man in real life so Kim So Yeon replied, "I think it would be good. I had dated one before. He took care of me well and I did not feel the age difference. There was no feeling of rejection."

The drama 'I Need Romance 3' will air on January 13 so make sure you watch to see her chemistry with Sung Joon, rpeorts Soompi.

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