Korean actress' bare-back dress almost falls off in public

10 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Korean actress Kim Sun-A had a night to forget after her bold choice of fashion for a public apperance nearly backfired on her.

The 38-year-old star turned up at a press event to promote her new movie, The Five, in a stunning top that showed off her back via a deep V-cut.

Midway through the event, Kim almost suffered a wardrobe malfunction as the top did not seem to fit her frame nicely and slipped off her shoulders several times.

Fearing that the top may drop to the ground and expose her body in public, Kim held on to her dress throughout the remainder of the event.

While she would count herself fortunate not to have suffered a bigger calamity than criticism for her choice of outfit, SuBin of Korean girlband Dal Shabet was not that lucky.

SuBin opted for a pair of high heels, which she does not wear often, to go with her outfit for a public appearance, and promptly fell to the ground while walking the red carpet, exposing herself in the process.

Check out the gallery below for Kim Sun-A's close shave, and other celebrities who've had the misfortune of a public wardrobe malfuncton.

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