Korean actor in trouble after woman posts photos of them in bed

12 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

Popular TV Actor Kang Ji-hwan has come under fire after a Filipina posted photos of Kang and herself in bed on her Facebook, reported Korea Herald.

The woman posted these selfies with Kang, who is believed to be sleeping. She was posing and lying next to Kang on the bed.

Along with the photos, Korea Herald said that she wrote: “…Together sleep with Korean actor Mr. Kang Jihwan".

The photos have stirred up fiery responses online, said Korea Herald, and his agency has denied all rumours relating to the incident.

The agency explained that the selfies were taken by the wife of a local tour guide while Kang was sleeping.

The woman has apologised for the photos and promised to explain everything on Facebook, said Korea Herald.

The photos were meant to be a joke, said a representative.
Kang was in the Philippines for a photo shoot.

He is reportedly still in the Philippines and is scheduled to return on Sunday. An unconfirmed report online said he has already flown back to South Korea.

The 37-year-old actor recently starred in KDB television series Big Man.

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